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14 Januari 2015

Charlie Hebdo Tragedy Statement

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Charlie Hebdo Tragedy Statement
Conan O'Brien
As many of you know, there was a terrible tragedy in France today. Twelve people were killed because a satirical newspaper made...
Apple Changes App Pricing Worldwide, Spurred by Currency Swings
Apple Inc. changed the prices of software applications from Canada to Europe today, in one of the company's more comprehensive...
My name is Charlie
Houda Chebil Andrews
12 people were killed today and the whole editorial board of Charlie Hebdo decimated. Although we are not sure yet we are all...
Can Uber Offer Low Fares and Still Pay Drivers Enough?
Yesterday, Uber announced that it would cut fares in 48 US cities, while still guaranteeing wages for its drivers.
The 2 Most Powerful Words A Manager Can Use
Bernard Marr
With all the professionalism and political correctness in today's workplace, we sometimes miss out on the fact that people...
Marissa Mayer Is Under Fire
Nicholas Carlson
Yesterday, a major Yahoo shareholder wrote an open letter to CEO Marissa Mayer.The shareholder, Jeff Smith of Starboard Value,...
Open Post to Certain Men from Linkedin
Mimi McClelland
"WARNING"What you are about to read is for real. No names or countries will be mentioned to protect the many innocent...
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